Who were the Úlfhéðinn?

Úlfhéðinn Brothers in Arms

The Úlfhéðinn (Oolv-HETH-en) was a Viking wolf-warrior associated with the god Odin. Similar in nature to the Berserkir (The Berserkers, or Bear-Shirt wearers), they were believed to channel the spirit and nature of the wolf in battle. Mentioned in several sagas, they were said to be fearless and frenzied fighters who would enter battle without the protection of a mail coat and armour – instead wearing the pelt, and displaying the attributes, of a wolf.

The earliest link between Odin and an Úlfhéðinn is found on a 6th Century bronze plate from Öland, Sweden. It depicts Odin standing together with a wolf-warrior holding a spear.

Spirit of the Úlfhéðinn

Often misaligned the Úlfhéðinn were, ultimately, shamanic warriors. These individuals took on the spirit of their totem animal and brought that aspect into battle. Symbolically, the Wolf represents and embodies the aspects of: Guardianship, Leadership, Individuality, Protection, Teamwork, Loyalty, Honour, and Instinct.

For the Úlfhéðinn, this not only involved fighting with ferocity, but also with the attributes of the wolf. Fighting for their pack and for their kinfolk in arms, fighting to protect not only themselves, but those they care for, live with, and are responsible for with throughout their lives. These are the values that each and every member of the club must ascribe and aspire to.

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