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Glima in the UK and Norway

The United Kingdom Glima Federation (UKGF) is affiliated to the Academy of Viking Martial Arts (AVK – Academiet Viking Kampkunst) in Norway.

United Kingdom Glima Federation

About the UKGF

The UK Glima Federation was founded as a non profit organisation in 2019 by Alex Rogers to further the growth in the UK of the little known Martial Art of Glima. It is the purpose of the UKGF to honour and uphold all traditions by training instructors to a high level and ensuring adherence to our codes of practice.

Alex Rogers, Chief Instructor of the UKGF

Academy of Viking Martial Arts

About the AVK

The Academy of Viking Martial Arts, founded in 2009 by Master Tyr Neilsen teaches all forms of Viking Martial Arts and training in sport and unarmed combat (Glima), as well as sport and combat with weapons: Swordfight (Sverdkamp), Axe-fight (Øksekamp), Stickfight (Stokkekamp), Spearfight (Spydkamp) and Knife-fight (Knivkamp).

Master Tyr Neilsen

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