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True Victory and the Warriors path – Part 2

What then does this say about how we train? It identifies that often we are not in control of our responses, opting for the quick and easy but ineffectual, over the controlled and defined required response.

True Victory and the Warriors Path – Part 1

He is truly wise who’s travelled far and knows the ways of the world.He who has travelled can tell what spirit governs the men he meets.Hávamál 18 Anyone who studies a martial art for any length of time will one day stumble upon or… Continue Reading “True Victory and the Warriors Path – Part 1”

Reflections on Hávamál – Verse 71

The following verse from Hávamál was presented to me for contemplation and reflection by a good friend and someone I have the utmost respect for. It came about in light of a concept I put to them about entering into challenges ‘like a dead… Continue Reading “Reflections on Hávamál – Verse 71”

Finding Form in Familiarity and Preserving the Traditions

Well that is the hard work done, the Glima masterclass is over and the instructors have been successful and now we are let loose into the world to take something very newborn and unique out there and to give it form and shape and… Continue Reading “Finding Form in Familiarity and Preserving the Traditions”

Counter Control through Self Control – Part 1

The principles and mechanics of martial form and function are relatively easy for everyone to grasp, at least on a cognitive level: Your opponent attempts to attack you, and you then defend accordingly. Such a simple concept. Like many aspects of the martial arts,… Continue Reading “Counter Control through Self Control – Part 1”

Wolves in Norse Mythology: a three-part series (intro)

Originally posted on We Are Star Stuff:
Wolves, as predatory animals and carrion-eaters, had a somewhat grim reputation among the Norse. There was the Fenris Wolf, who would devour Oðin at Ragnarok, and on a more human level, outlaws were called vargr, wolves. At…

Welcome to Úlfhéðinn Warrior Blog

Welcome to the Blog site for the Úlfhéðinn Glima Hall, here you will discover some of the writing, inspiration, and teachings of the old ways, the old gods, and the history of Nordic martial arts. You may perhaps even gain enlightenment or understanding from… Continue Reading “Welcome to Úlfhéðinn Warrior Blog”