About Úlfhéðinn Glima.

Welcome to the homepage of Úlfhéðinn Glima.

We are a martial arts club practising Norwegian Glima for both sport and combat / self defence aspects. We have weekly classes based in Argyll and run regular courses in Glasgow City Centre, and in Ayrshire (Largs, and Kilmarnock).

We are a founding member of the UK Glima Federation. The first and only official Glima organisation in the UK with direct links to the Academy of Viking Martial Arts in Norway.

We offer exclusive training in the traditional Nordic arts of Glima (‘Glimmer’, or ‘Flash’ and representative of speed and technique over power), including both Lausatök Sport Glima (Loose-grip Nordic Wrestling), and the traditional Combative aspect of Glima.

Please feel free to browse our site and get in touch if you are interested in the opportunity to train in this unique and exclusive art.

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