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Welcome to the homepage of the Úlfhéðinn Glima Hall.

We are a martial arts club practising Norwegian Glima for sport and combat and we have classes based in Largs and Glasgow City Centre.

We are a founding member of the UK Glima Federation.

We offer exclusive training in the traditional Nordic arts of Glima (‘Glimmer’, or ‘Flash’ and representative of speed and technique over power), including both Lausatök Sport Glima (Loose-grip Nordic Wrestling), and the traditional Combative aspect of Glima.

Please feel free to browse our site and get in touch if you are interested in the opportunity to train in this unique and exclusive art.

“ Deyr fé, deyja frændr, deyr sjálfr it sama, ek veit einn, at aldri deyr, dómr of dauðan hvern ” 

– Hávamál

“ Wealth dies. Friends die. One day you too will die. But, the thing that never dies is the judgement on how you have spent your life .” 

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